Russian Chooses Spying Over his own Child


anna chapman

Russian spy Juan Lazaro had, like all of the recently arrested Russian spies, a seemingly perfect life (just look at Anna Chapman, living it up in NYC, at left). Lazaro worked as a college professor and was married to Peruvian journalist Vicky Peleaz, with whom he has one 17-year-old son. Yet after his arrest, Lazaro made a shocking statement, one that certainly can’t be easy for his son to hear.

According to the NY Daily News, after his arrest Juan Lazaro told prosecutors that “he would not violate his loyalty to the Service, even for his son.” The “Service” is the SVR, formerly known as the KGB. Lazaro chose this serivce, and his activities spying for them, over his own child. 

He also may have done in his wife. Lazaro told prosecuters that Pelaez, a columnist for the El Diaro newspaper, delivered invisible-ink letters to operatives in Peru for him. Pelaez is the only one of the spies arrested who was let out on bail, and her lawyer maintains that she never spied for Russia. 

Most reports insist that the Russian spies’ kids (the youngest are the toddlers of Patricia Mills and Michael Zottoli, based in Virginia) didn’t know about their parents’ activities.

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