Russian Spy Anna Chapman's Call Home To Dad Triggered Arrest


When you’re a spy every move you make can compromise your mission-including calling home!

The Obama administration had ten Russian spies under survelillance for years and had begun planning their arrest in mid-June. This move was made much sooner after a phone call Anna Chapman made to her father, a KGB veteran working in Moscow’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Anna and fellow spy Mikhail Semenov’s operations has been infiltrated by undercover FBI who asked them to perform certain tasks. If they went through with these, the Feds would be able to indict them for more than just carrying on secret communications with Russian officials.

Anna normally spoke with the FBI informant, who had identified himself as a Russian superior, on Wednesdays and never in person. She became suspicious when he asked her to come to New York from Connecticut, where she was spending the weekend. When she met with him, she knew he was not the official he said he was.

And if the person showing up to meet her wasn’t who they say they were did’t cause her enough alarm, she became even more suspicious when he asked her to hand off a fake passport to another spy face-to-face, something that went beyond her usual tasks.

After the meeting, Anna purchased a new cell phone to call her dad in Moscow. His fatherly wisdom?  Don’t go through with the mission! He also instructed her to take the fake passport to the New York police, which is exactly what she did.

Once at the precinct, police called the FBI who came in, questioned, and arrested her. From there it was dosvedanya Anya.


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