Ryan And Tatum ONeil To Reunite — On Reality TV. Is Nothing Sacred?


Tatum and Ryan O'NealAfter almost 25 years of estrangement and bad feelings towards each other, Ryan and Tatum O’Neil are planning on reconciling and they want everyone to be able to watch. In a world where nothing seems to be sacred anymore, the father-daughter duo is shopping around a new ‘docusoap’ by Endemol USA titled ‘Lost and Found’ to the networks.
According to Variety, the “Impetus for the reconciliation came after the death of Ryan O’Neal’s on-again, off-again love, Farrah Fawcett, last year. Now, the duo will undergo therapy together, and also attempt to get to the root of the resentment that Tatum has held toward her father.” Um, I’m just going to put it out there, but I’m pretty sure that’s the sort of stuff that you shouldn’t be airing to the entire world! Call me crazy, but if you really want to work on your relationship, do it, but don’t hide a cash grab as an attempt to share your’ story’ with the world.
Further insulting the viewers intelligence, the O’Neal’s, in a joint statement, said “Having thought long and hard about exposing our already very public private lives, (we) came to the decision that Endemol is the company that provided the respect and professionalism we were looking for,” Really? Because this just sounds to me like one family willing to sell themselves out to make a few dollars. Variety then goes on to say that the “show will follow the two as they go on auditions, take acting lessons, explore their dating lives, head to family gatherings and meet for therapy sessions.”
Does anybody really care about these two enough watch? Honestly, I hope that this show doesn’t get picked up, but sadly, I am confident it will. People tend to love to watch a train wreck. Will you be watching?

Source: Variety, Photo: Pacific Coast News