Ryan Phillipe Spends The Night With Amanda Seyfried

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Ryan Phillipe Spent The Night With Amanda Seyfried

Things are about to get very interesting for Ryan Phillipe and Reese Witherspoon as they move towards adding another member to their expanding family.

Ever since their divorce, Reese has been the one to have the high profile romances mainly because of her higher celebrity appeal. But now it seems as though it’s Ryan’s turn for the spotlight as he was spotted leaving Kate Hudson’s Halloween party with Amanda Seyfried in tow. And not only that, but she was spotted leaving Ryan’s pad the next morning.

Funny enough, guess who else was at the star-studded party? Witherspoon, and her boyfriend, Hollywood agent Jim Toth. No word if Phillippe exchanged any pleasantries with the couple, but it wouldn’t really be a surprise if he did. Just last weekend, the former spouses came together to throw their son Deacon’s seventh birthday party in L.A.

If and when this union began is a mystery, but it seems as though these two aren’t exactly taking it slow.

How do you feel about Ryan and Amanda dating?