Ryan Phillippe in the Role of Soccer Dad! (Photos)

Ryan Phillippe and Son

Ryan Phillippe played a very important role on Saturday, not a cop, not a romantic lead, but he played the very real role of soccer dad!

Actor Ryan Phillippe and his girlfriend Paulina Slagter were spotted in Brentwood, California cheering on his son Deacon. Deacon’s mom, actress Reese Witherspoon, wasn’t at the game, but she has been busy with a brand new baby in the house.

Check out more photos of Ryan Phillippe cheering on his son’s soccer efforts right here:

  • Ryan Phillippe 1 of 5
    Ryan Phillippe
    Ryan Phillippe looking every bit the hot soccer dad!
  • Deacon 2 of 5
    Son Deacon is getting so big!
  • Soccer 3 of 5
    Saturday soccer games are a national pastime, nice to see the kids getting out and in the game!
  • Paulina Slagter 4 of 5
    Paulina Slagter
    Ryan Phillippe brought along with girlfriend Paulina Slagter to help cheer on Deacon.
  • Getting into the Game 5 of 5
    Getting into the Game
    Ryan Phillippe got into the game in a passionate way!


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