Ryan Phillippe: "We're Great Co-Parents"


Ryan Phillippe called into the Howard Stern radio show yesterday to discuss his recent break-up with Abbie Cornish, and wound up dishing on his post-divorce relationship with Reese Witherspoon.

“It’s gotten to a place where we’re great friends and great co-parents,” the father of Ava, 10 and Deacon, 6, told Stern, according to Us Weekly. “After I had my breakup, she called, and after she did, I called.”

Wow. I was always under the impression that there was no love lost between these two. I am glad to see I was wrong.

Phillippe goes on to point out that his kids aren’t really affected by his and Reese Witherspoon’s respective dating lives.

“If the kids care about mom dad, and if that’s consistent and they feel protected that way, they don’t they don’t really care so much about who the parent is dating. They just don’t.” He goes on to say that he trusts his ex-wife to make decisions about who to bring around their kids. “I trust her to make the right decisions around our children,” he said. “I hope she feels the same way.”

Do you think he is right about this? Do children not care about who their parents are dating, as long as they have strong relationships with each parent separately, and the parents get along? Or is it more complicated than that?