Ryan Phillippe's New Baby Girl Looks Just Like Him!

ryan phillippe baby daddy Alexis Knapp baby
Ryan Phillippe became a father again three months ago.

Ryan Phillippe became a father for the third time three months ago, when he welcomed daughter, Kailani, with ex-girlfriend Alexis Knapp. Though he and Alexis are no longer together, it does appear as though he is prepared to take an active role in his daughter’s life.

If there was ever any question on whether Ryan really was the father of little Kailani, a recent photo of her released by Alexis Knapp pretty much proves the little girl’s paternity! Ryan still has not taken a DNA test, however.

You can see a photo of baby Kailani here. As you will notice, she looks exactly like her daddy, Ryan! Aside from having a full head of dark hair, the baby really has the same facial features as Ryan. Her eyes and lips are the spitting image of him!

Ryan has been getting support over the fact that he is a new father from an unlikely source…his ex-wife Reese Witherspoon. One source told US Weekly, “Reese feels bad Ryan has to deal with this. They’re bonding over it because it obviously affects their kids.”

Reese sure is one understanding and sympathetic ex-wife!