Ryan Reynolds & Scarlett Johansson Divorce: Who Will They Date Next?!?


Scarlett Johansson Divorce

So, Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johnansson are getting a divorce. As of now we don’t know the gritty details like the real reason why and what was the final straw. But one thing we do know for sure – they won’t have problems getting their next date. Ryan Reynolds was recently named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive and Scarlett Johnansson? Well she’s Scarlett Johnansson, you can’t argue with that level of hotness. So, who will these two young Hollywood stars date next?Since the two of them could score with pretty much anyone they choose, we think they will make some interesting choices, but one thing for sure…they probably won’t date a fellow actor for a while.

Ryan, he’ll probably meet some young bartender or waitress or perhaps a makeup artist on one of his sets. They’ll hit it off and the paparazzi will have a field day trying to figure out who she is.

Scarlett, since her second love (or first love depending on the day) is music, she’ll probably start dating a musician from some critically acclaimed indie band. Not an uber popular stadium band but one that has a Radiohead-like aura. But dating someone that’s in band is as harder – if not harder – then dating a actor.

In the long run, odds are Ryan will step out with a steady date before Scarlett.

Who do you think they should date?