Ryan Reynolds,Scarlett Johansson Split: Is Being a Hollywood Couple Too Hard?


ryan-reynoldsThe news today of Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson split-up adds up to three celebrity couples breaking up this week–and it’s only Tuesday.  Sources say cited Ryan and Scarlett’s busy schedules were the cause of the split.

Is it too hard to stay together for a Hollywood couple?  Are the pressures and temptations just too much if you are adored by millions of fans and you earn millions of dollars?Yesterday, Michael C Hall announced his split from co-star and on-screen sister and wife Jennifer Carpenter.  One of fans favorite couples, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, announced they were splitting up after four years together.   The on-screen and off-screen couple met on the set of the Disney flick, High School Musical.

On the bright side, Michael C. Hall’s career is going strong, he was just nominated for a Golden Globe today.  As for Zac and Vanessa, they ARE pretty young.  Zac Efron is 23 and Vanessa Hudgens is 22, so there is still a big chance these young lovebirds could reconcile.

But the Ryan Reynolds,Scarlett Johansson split makes me really sad. These two seemed so cute together. What do you think about celebrity couples?  Is being famous and being in love too hard?