Ryan Reynolds Tells Friends Scarlett "Treated Him Badly"

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Ryan Reynolds Is Telling Pals Scarlett "Treated Him Badly."

Over the past week, more details have been emerging pertaining to the recent divorce of Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson. The former lovers were even spotted having lunch together in NYC a few days ago laughing and being civil. But now sources are saying that Ryan told his pals that Scarlett “treated him badly.”

After a year and a half of marriage with Johansson, Reynolds “would say that she treated him badly,” the insider explains. “It never seemed like she made him a priority.”

Reynolds is said to be taking the split badly and is beyond devastated. Iron Man 2 actress Johansson, meanwhile, is less broken up about the situation. “She was disconnected and disaffected” about the split, the source says. “It was harsh.”

Do you think Scarlett is the villain everyone is putting her out to be?