Ryder Cup Television Schedule: Watch Highlights of Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson And Other Dads

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Ryder Cup television schedule: Rain wreaked havoc on dad Tiger Woods.

The Ryder Cup television schedule was a mess thanks to rainy weather. Unless you got up reeeeeally early this morning, you probably missed USA Network’s Ryder Cup coverage, which started at, I kid you not, 2 a.m. this morning because it was being played in Wales. Sadly Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and many other dads who played in this event weren’t able to pull out the victory for the U.S., which lost to Europe. But you can watch the closing ceremonies, some taped highlights and more if you weren’t up this morning.

Europe has now won a cringe-worthy six of the eight last Ryder Cups, and they held off a terrific U.S. effort today, with the entire match coming down to one last singles contest. In case you’re wondering, Woods, who’s been playing terrible since his cheating scandal last year, had a great match, shooting a 9-under in his final round.

For the breakdown and some highlights, click here.

For the closing ceremonies, click here.

For final results, click here.


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