Sabrina the Teenage Witch...I Mean Melissa Joan Hart is Expecting Baby #3!

Baby on Board?

It is hard for me not to think of Melissa Joan Hart as Sabrina the Teenage Witch. She’s not really named Sabrina, she is no longer a teenager and to the best of my knowledge, she is not a witch. What she is? A actress that seamlessly made the transition from kid star (Clarissa) to teen star (Sabrina the Teenage Witch) to adult star (in Melissa and Joey).  The other thing Melissa is? A mom. And not just to two little boys, but according to new reports, Melissa has baby number three on board.

There has been no official statement yet but it’s being said that, “she’s pregnant, again,” a source told Life & Style. “It’s baby no. 3 for Melissa!” The source added, “she’s really excited and is starting to show. You can barely tell, but there’s a teeny-tiny little bump.”  Here is a photo from a couple weeks ago. Is that the baby bump they speak of?

Melissa with Bill Murray!

Images: PacificCoastNews and Twitter