Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher Put Wedding On Hold...Again


Isla Fisher and Olive

Sacha Baron Cohen’s new flick, “Bruno,” is about to be released and I cannot wait! “Borat” was laugh out loud funny. But with his demanding work schedule, mixed with fiance Isla Fisher’s, they’ve once again put their nuptials on the back burner.

Together for 7 years now, the couple have beautiful baby daughter Olive. At the moment, the couple are out promoting Sacha’s new movie, and Isla is about to star in a new action comedy flick called “Your Highness,” which is filming in Ireland this summer.

“If Isla signs the deal,” a friend says, “it will mean moving to Ireland for a while with thehir baby daughter Olive. With all their projects, Isla and Sacha haven’t had time to tie the knot. They have set their hearts on getting married in Italy.”

They’d originally meant to get married in August of 2006 in a beautiful Tuscan village, but costs just weren’t going their way. Something tells me that money is less of a problem these days.