Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Planning A Baby?


Since the news of Sacha and Isla’s incredibly exclusive (6 guests) secret wedding in France, rumors have begun to swirl around the question of whether the couple, engaged for six years, got married this month because they’re planning a sibling for 2 and 1/2 year-old Olive.

Traditionally, it’s true that the pressure to get hitched ratchets up significantly when you get pregnant… of course, few people would accuse Sacha Baron Cohen as being particularly “traditional.”

According to a Cohen-Fisher insider, the chances are good that the wedding was a precursor to expanding the family. Says the source:

“Isla is from a large family and has always wanted to have lots of children.”

“She’d love nothing more than to have a little brother or sister for Olive now that she and Sacha are finally married!”

Isla recently converted to Judaism in order to marry Sacha, so now that they’ve officially tied the knot, it seems that all the preparations have been made to start carrying out Isla’s family plans.