Sacha Baron Cohen - Dangerous Art



Sacha Baron Cohen is now somewhat safely promoting his new movie Bruno, but filming the movie was a study in danger.

As Bruno, he put himself in quite a few dangerous situations and was even threatened with guns, by people who know how to use them.

He was filming the hunting/campsite scene and when he did his little “shocking” number the hunters weren’t very amused and pulled their guns.

Sacha, his camera guy and his various people hightailed it out the woods. I wonder if he was naked while running or if they gave him time to put his clothes back on.

Do you think Isla gets ticked and wants him to stop his hi-jinks for the sake of Olive? There is a line there, there has to be for him to continue to push the envelope on people’s sensibilities. Let’s just hope people learn to relax and take a joke.

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