Sadie Frost "Furious" Over Jude Law Getting Samantha Burke Pregnant



Oops.  Jude Law’s ex-wife, and mother to his children, Sadie Frost, is reportedly “furious” that he was so careless and ended up getting Samantha Burke pregnant.

According to pals, Sadie is “furious” for Jude being so “irresponsible.”

The source said, “It’s really hard for the children and they’re her main concern. She is deep down furious with Jude — not for having the fling but for being irresponsible — and wants him to pay whatever it takes to keep the family protected from further embarrassment.

“Jude’s children, particularly Raffie, are bewildered by the whole thing. They hate seeing their dad in the news and reading about his private life.

“Sadie is putting on a brave face but deep down is shocked by the whole thing, too.”

Yes, it must be hard for Jude’s kids to have to hear or see about their father in the news or tabloids.

Jude and Sadie are parents to Rafferty, 12, Iris, 8, and Rudy, 6.  Sadie has a son Finlay Munro, 18, from a previous relationship.

Samantha Burke is due October 6, and is expecting girl, who she’s named Sophie.