Sadie Frost, Sienna Miller, Jude Law: When Twitter Moms Go Bad


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It’s a situation rife for disaster: Jude Law is back together with Sienna Miller, the actress who left him after he had an affair with his kids’ nanny. And now Jude and Sienna are spending tons of time with those kids of his. The children’s mother, Sadie Frost, is not thrilled. And she took to Twitter to announce that. The entire debacle was set off by a bad haircut that Frost-Law daughter Iris got while under Sienna’s care.

Sadie was away at the Isle of Wight festival and left Iris with Jude and Sienna for the weekend. When she got back she discovered that Siena had taken iris to get a pixie haircut (the photo above is of Sadie with Iris PRE-haircut). Think Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby. Sadie immediately posted on Twitter: “I think ya should get ya own child and then cut their hair!”


In no time, Sadie, clearly having second thoughts about her public venting, shut down her Twitter account. According to reports, she wasn’t saying her daughter looked bad with the new cut, simply that she was upset that Sienna Miller, who is technically no relation to Iris, would take her to get a radical haircut without getting the mother’s permission. Especially given that Sienna has recently shown a distinct lack of judgment (getting back together with a man who cheated with the nanny? COME ON!).

Thoughts from any mothers or stepmothers out there?

PHOTO: Bauer-Griffin

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