Salma Hayek Gets Bangs! Hair Hit or Miss? (Photos)

Salma Hayek with Her New Bangs


Salma Hayek showed off her new hairdo while in New York City for an appearance on the Wendy Williams Show. The 46-year-old actress and mom went for some very youthful bangs, a transition from the longer side swept bangs she got last month.

One thing for sure, Salma certainly likes to play with her hair. She’d done up-dos, curls, simple, and now bangs. Check out this collection of her looks over the last month, which do you think looks best?

  • New Shorter Bangs 1 of 6
    New Shorter Bangs
    Salma showed off her shorter bands while out and about in New York City.
  • Updo 2 of 6
    The day before the shorter bangs, she had a longer set of bangs, which was paired with a chic up-do.
  • Curly Bangs 3 of 6
    Curly Bangs
    Salma went curly with her longer version of her bangs.
  • The Side Sweep 4 of 6
    The Side Sweep
    In Paris last month, Salma showed off a side swept long bang.
  • No Bangs 5 of 6
    No Bangs
    In late September Salma still had long hair all around.
  • The Pre Bang 6 of 6
    The Pre Bang
    Her pre bang look, which do you prefer?