Salma Hayek Is All Grown Up


As you can plainly see, Salma Hayek is all grown up. This busty beauty is now a wife, mother and has a very successful career. And this week will be busy as does her duty to promote the upcoming Adam Sandler comedy Grown Ups.

In the ensemble cast, Hayek  plays Sandler’s fashion designer wife who undergoes a bit of culture shock when the family returns to Sandler’s home town and old pals.  She recently talked about the film, her daughter and her family. She said… to that, “Now…the main focus of my life is my family, and that does change things and the choices that you make. You want to do movies that your children can watch, and that your children can have fun at and enjoy the experience of shooting. It doesn’t get better than this movie for that. I love the movie. I’m proud of it. I can’t wait for [my daughter] Valentina to see it.”

And the onset life was very child friendly with Hayek saying, “We all brought children to the set. Adam makes it the dream environment to bring children. They are so highly entertained that you’re nervous when you get back home because you wonder how you are going to entertain your child. They have all kinds of toys and things for them to play with. Everybody had children of the same age. She loved coming to work on the set.”

And she thinks that this will be a film for all those parents out there saying that, “I love this film because I think the audience is going to be able to add themselves to our experience and bond with us because being a parent is one of the most common, shared experiences, and is something that is so important. Every single character in this movie really cares about their family, and they’re all so different.”

Are you planning on seeing Grown Ups?

Photos: INF