Salma Hayek Looking Fierce in Skin-Tight Outfit (Photos)


There aren’t a lot of women that I look at with jealousy, but gorgeous Salma Hayek is one of them on my list. She has always been a total hottie and that certainly didn’t change when she became a mom. I have been a big fan of her movies, her activism and well, you can’t deny that she has a gorgeous look to her.

She was spotted out today on the set of her latest movie, Grown Ups 2 as she reprises her role as an aerobics instructor — she certainly looks the part!

Click through for some more photos of sexy Salma on set:

  • On Set 1 of 6
    On Set
    Spotted on set June 11th on set of her new movie.
  • Looking Fierce 2 of 6
    Looking Fierce
    I really don't think there is a flaw on her.
  • Looking the Part 3 of 6
    Looking the Part
    Reprising the role of an aerobics instructor, she definitely looks the part.
  • Skin Tight 4 of 6
    Skin Tight
    Honestly, I don't know if anyone else could pull off this look -- she does it so well.
  • Playing Roxanne 5 of 6
    Playing Roxanne
    She was so good playing the sexy Roxanne in the first movie, so glad she will be back!
  • Grown Ups 2 6 of 6
    Grown Ups 2
    I loved the first movie & can't wait to see the next one!

::  What do you think of her look? Will you be going to see Grown Ups 2? ::

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