Salma Hayek Talks Potty Training


salma-hayekRemember the good old days of potty training your little ones. Asking them if they have to go pee pee or potty every 5 minutes. Ah yes, I do.

Samlma Hayek is reliving all those wonderful times now as she tries to potty train her daughter Valentina. Now she knows first hand what we were all talking about.

Though she may have had it easier than some. Her daughter Valentina decided when she wanted to go without the diapers. This left Salma in a lurch though, because she wasn’t ready to figure out how to deal with public restrooms quite yet.

That is one thing we all don’t envy. And our kids wonder why we ask them 10,000 times if they need to go before we leave the house. It’s because we don’t want to have to use the public restroom if we can avoid it.

Have fun with that one Salma.