Salma Hayek Was Told Her Baby Had Down Syndrome While She Was Pregnant

Salma Hayek

I have a feeling things are going to be getting pretty ugly between Salma Hayek‘s husband Francois-Henri Pinault and his ex, supermodel Linda Evangelista, who is trying to pull the rug from underneath him by demanding he pay her almost $50,000 in child support per month. Yeah, and you thought your ex was a nut.

Francois-Henri and Linda are currently battling it out at a family court in New York City with Linda demanding the hefty sum to help foot the bill for the ex-couple’s 5-year-old son, Augustin. The French businessman claims that the Canadian model just wants “mommy support” while Linda says she needs the money to help pay for Augustin’s 24-hour nanny, security guards, and who knows what else with that amount of money.

During his testimony, Francois-Henri revealed that he asked Linda to not go public with her claim for support a few years back while Salma was pregnant with their first child. According to Francois-Henri, the couple were going through a stressful enough time when doctors told Salma that her unborn child might have possibly had down syndrome. 

According to Radar Online, he said that Salma was having a “difficult pregnancy,” explaining, “We were told the baby had Down syndrome until late May 2007. I asked Linda to delay [Augie’s] legal recognition process until after the birth of Valentina.”

Don’t you hate it when ugly details come out from beautiful people who should really know better? I can only wonder what Linda’s motives are in trying to burn a whole in Francois-Henri’s pockets, but I sure do feel sorry for Salma to have to deal with this. What do you think?