Salma Hayek's Juice Diet


Mom Salma Hayek lost her baby weight very quickly after she first had her daughter Valentina. Recently, she has slimmed own even more and looks amazing. How did she do it?

With a fad diet of course! Salma is a celebrity after all.

Salma has been juicing for 15 years to keep her weight in check and has co-created her own juice cleanse called “Cooler Cleanse.” The detox lasts 3-5 days and is delivered to your home.  There are six drinks included that come in different flavors such as almond milk and watermelon-lime. The caloric total of all six juices is less than 1,200 calories.

Salma keeps exercise to light yoga when she is cleansing and says,  “I always lose weight.”

The company also offers a ‘raw cooler.’  These are meals delivered before and after the juice cleanse to ease people in and out.  Meals include soup, salads, and entrees like sunflower falafel, maki rolls, or collard-wrapped enchiladas.

Salma looks good, but this cleanse sounds intense. Not to mention expensive at $58 a day.


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