Samantha Burke: Jude Hasn't Even Sent A Present


samantha-burke-jude-lawIf you’ve passed by a newsstand today, you’ve probably noticed that Samantha Burke (AKA Jude Law’s baby mama) has gone through with her plans to sell photos of baby Sophia. Of course, that’s not surprising, but here’s what is: Jude has yet to even send his 5-week-old daughter a stuffed animal or anything!

That is, according to Samantha’s not-quite-unbiased interview to Hello Magazine — the tabloid that purchased the photo.

Supposedly, even after DNA tests proved that he was the father, Jude has been exceptionally slow to show up for dad duty. He’s got no plans to visit and has yet to send a baby gift.

Even so, Sophia is optimistic that Jude will do the right thing (along with sending her fat child support checks):

“I am very hopeful it will work out for Sophia’s sake. He’s a great father to his three kids. She’s his daughter and I believe he’ll come through,” Samantha explains in an interview that reportedly earned her $300,000. “It would be great if we can have a friendship and remain cordial. Hopefully, he’ll be a big part of her life and she’ll be proud to have him as her father.”

It’s kinda curious just how bad Jude is handling the situation from a PR perspective. At first, all coverage was about “Samantha the redneck goldigger”. Now, it’s turning into “Jude the dead beat dad.”