Samuel Koch Accident Update: How His Stunt Went Terribly Wrong And How His Dad Was Involved

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Justin Bieber: Started #prayforsamuel Samuel Koch accident trend on Twitter

Samuel Koch’s accident on the hit German TV show “Wetten Dass” was a terrifying thing to behold. Some 8 million people were watching on Saturday as the 23-year-old attempted  to jump a moving car that his father was driving. At first it seemed as though the show’s presenters did not know if Koch was joking or not when he did not get up. Suddenly, everyone realized he was seriously injured, and the studio audience, which reportedly included Cher and Cameron Diaz, as well as Justin Bieber waiting to performed, went hushed.

So what went wrong? Reports are that the shoes Koch was wearing to attempt his stunt malfunctioned. They looked like a cross between Nikes, stilts and a pogo stick; you can find the video on YouTube. The latest report is that Koch could be paralyzed.

On Saturday thousands of Justin Bieber fans tweeted their support for Koch with #prayforsamuel becoming one of the trending topics on Twitter after the singer tweeted that he was canceling his performance.