San Francisco Giants: Does Tim Lincecum Have A Girlfriend?


Tim Lincecum

There are some professions for men that lead to not just fame and fortune but to women, women and more women. Firemen, rock stars and athletes all are popular with the ladies. Some fantasize about snagging, marrying and procreating with one of these modern day heroes. One of the jobs where men generally don’t have much of problem picking up playmates? Baseball stars, especially when being on a World Series winning team, especially don’t need to sign up with So Tim Lincecum, Cy Young winner of the World Champion San Francisco Giants, does he have a girlfriend?

It looks like he’s single ladies! He came close to tying the knot with a past girlfriend but that relationship didn’t work out. But some families of the old school variety – might not be thrilled by having their daughter bringing home a Tim Lincecum. He has long hair, swears like a sailor and smokes pot.

Would you mind your daughter being home a Tim Lincecum type?

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