San Francisco Giants Parade: How Many People Were There?


SF Giants Parade
I have lived in San Francisco my entire life and I have never, ever seen anything like the turnout for the San Francisco Giants at their ticker tape parade. There were throngs, mobs, and oodles of people there and most wearing black and orange – to celebrate their World Series Winners.

If you went to the San Francisco Giants Parade or saw it live, you’d be shocked by the amount of people.  Parade goers hung from the top of bus stops, leaned out of windows, climbed high up on trees and some clever spectators brought their own ladders to climb upon for a better view. And there were countless numbers of kids whose parents pulled them out of school for the day or some schools even made the event into a class field trip. When beloved players like Brian Wilson, Aubrey Huff, Tim Lincecum and Edgar Renteria were spotted on the cable cars that made up the parade floats the crowd went totally insane in a deafening din.

So how many people showed up for a chance to see the San Francisco Giants?

Word is that this is the most people that have ever congregated in downtown San Francisco. The Giants organization anticipated about 150,000 people but that is just a small percentage of how many actually showed up. Some head counters are saying that up to a million people actually attended the parade where the route was about 50 people deep in most places. Our guess? We think the number of attendees to the parade was about 500,000. But as soon as those official numbers come in, we’ll let you know!

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