San Francisco Will Shut Down on Wednesday: SF Giants Parade Will Halt City


I have a feeling that not much work will be going on in San Francisco this Wednesday.  Employees will call in sick to work. Children will play hookie from school. And store owners will shut their doors. A large percentage of the city will flock, hopefully via public transportation, down to San Francisco’s Downtown and Civic Center area.  And there are some very special reasons why.

The main reason? That the San Francisco Giants won their first World Series! The team moved to the Bay Area back in 1954 and the ticker tape parade (and by the way, does ANYONE use ticker tape anymore?) will follow the exact the same tour that the team took when they came to the city.

At the end of their journey and the SF Giants Parade, at San Francisco’s picturesque City Hall, the team will receive the key to the city.  And those San Franciscans that told their bosses they were sick? Well, they’ll be able to play it off pretty well the next day when they return to work with a very scratchy and sore throats not from germs but from all the screaming they’ll be doing.

I live in San Francisco and I’m already seeing a slew of local parents who will pull their kids out of school that day to take them down to celebrate with the returning heroes and to witness a bit of baseball history.

Would you take your kid out of school for a sports team’s parade?

Photo: WIkipedia

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