Sancho Panza Helps Nat And Kat Win Amazing Race!

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Sancho Panza Question Wins Amazing Race For Nat and Kat

Who is Sancho Panza’s master? Who won The Amazing Race? The answer to “Who is Sancho Panza’s master?” helped Nat and Kat win The Amazing Race tonight, making them the first female team in the history of the show to win The Amazing Race.

The answer to the question, “Who is Sancho Panza’s master?” is Don Quixote, and Don Quixote led Nat and Kat to Quixote Studios. At Quixote Studios, Nat and Kat had to play a game show challenge.

Nat and Kat were on a level playing field when the season finale of The Amazing Race started, but they pulled ahead and emerged as winners!

After bungee jumping, and decorating the Tour Of Roses parade float, Nat and Kat won the whole she-bang by figuring out the answer to the Sancho Panza question.

Did you watch the Amazing Race finals tonight after the kids were in bed?