Sandra Bullock And Camila Alves Take Their Kids On A Playdate In New Orleans (Photos)

Sandra Bullock and Camila Alves

Talk about a fun play date! Celebrity moms Sandra Bullock and Camila Alves were spotted taking their children out for an afternoon of fun at the Carousel Gardens Amusement Park and Storyland in New Orleans, La. on Wednesday afternoon.

Pregnant Camila, who is expecting her third child with her husband Matthew McConaughey, held on tight to her children Levi and Vida while Sandra brought along her adorable son Louis. It’s great to have well connected friends, right? LOL.

Take a look at our photos below and let us know what you think!

  • Sandra Bullock 1 of 7
    Sandra Bullock
    Sandra Bullock and Camila Alves take their children to Carousel Gardens Amusement Park & Storyland for some fun in New Orleans.
  • Fun In The Park 2 of 7
    Fun In The Park
    Matthew McConaughey's wife, heavily pregnant with the couple's third child, brought their children Levi and Vida while Sandra stayed close to son Louis.
  • Train Ride 3 of 7
    Train Ride
    The group enjoyed a fun train ride around the park.
  • Hollywood Friends 4 of 7
    Hollywood Friends
    Who knew Sandra and Camila were such good friends?
  • Pals 5 of 7
    Talk about the Hollywood tot club - these three will hopefully grow up to be great pals, too.
  • Fun 6 of 7
    Have you ever been to the Storyland Park in New Orleans? It looks like so much fun!
  • Hands-On Moms 7 of 7
    Hands-On Moms
    It's great to see Sandra and Camila spend quality time with their kids.

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