Sandra Bullock And Jesse James Battle For Custody


sandra-bullock-sunnySandra Bullock and her husband Jesse James are launching a pre-emptive strike in the upcoming custody battle over 5-year-old daughter Sunny James. Hoping to retain full custody when Sunny’s mother gets out of the halfway house, Jesse and Sandra are out to prove that they can offer Sunny the brightest future.

Sunny’s biological mother, Janine Lindemulder, has plenty of strikes against her parental record. For starters, she’s starred in over 100 adult films. More importantly, she recently completed a prison term for tax evasion and is currently living at a halfway house.

Back when Janine was sentenced to her 6-month prison term, Jesse was given full custody of Sunny. But recently, a judge granted Lindemulder visitation rights for 6 hours on Sundays — a move that James supposedly took as a sign of things to come.

Now, Sandra Bullock (who has no kids of her own) is supposedly getting dragged into the dispute, backing up Jesse’s claims that they should be Sunny’s legal parents. While in prison, Lindemulder texted Jesse this:

“U win. Sandra finally has her baby — congratulations.”

In addition to politicking for full parental rights, word has it that Camp Jesse James has asked a judge to examine whether Janine is an unfit parent. Ouch.