Sandra Bullock At The Toy Store


sandra-bullock-stedaughtersHow’s first-time Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock celebrating her victory? Well, she’s not headed to Disney Land.

On Tuesday, Sandra was snapped taking her stepdaughters Chandler, 14 (the one who picked out Sandra’s Oscar gown), and Sunny, 7, out for a celebratory shopping trip at Seal Beach, California’s “neighborhood toy store” Knock Knock.

I checked out the store’s website to see what kind of goodies the trio may have brought home, but alas, there’s no online shopping at Knock Knock. Frankly, I was expecting $300 plush toys like those at Kourtney Kardashian’s favorite toy store, Genius Jones. Instead, it sounds like Knock Knock’s wares are more educationally-focused… How wholesome.

Sandra has been Sunny’s primary mother figure since January, when her mother Janine Lindemulder was locked up for tax evasion. It’s good to see that Sandra’s taking good care of her 7-year-old stepdaughter.



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