Sandra Bullock Divorce Details


Well, the world has met Louis Bardo Bullock, the baby Sandra Bullock adopted right under all our noses. But one thing remains to be settled: how is the Sandra Bullock/Jesse James divorce going to go down?

Apparently, it is on track to be fairly uncontentious. So far, anyway.

Bullock filed in Texas, where the actress maintains a residence. (She used her initials backwards on the filing, according to People, to throw us all off the scent. Well played.) The financial piece of this is somewhat uncertain, since it is unclear whether Bullock and James have a pre-nup. But Texas law requires 10 years of marriage before a spouse in entitled to spousal support, so James will not qualify.

Now, for the children.Bullock has stated that she has adopted Louis Bardo herself, and James seems to be agreeing with that, despite being heartbroken over losing him. And while Bullock maintains a good relationship with James kids–indeed, Sunny ‘loves her like a mommy’, which made me just about cry my eyes out for the poor kid–she has no legal rights to any of them. If she chooses, she can request visitation from a judge in family court. Or she and James can agree on sometime privately.

So with neither children or finances at stake, the divorce should be fairly easy to process. Of course, family courts across the country are packed with people who thought their divorces were going to go smoothly, so you never know. But here’s to hoping.


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