Sandra Bullock Gets Restraining Order Against Stalker


Sandra Bullock, happily making a new life for herself in New Orleans with her baby son Louis, is facing probably one of the scariest things a celebrity mother can. Rabid photographers? A play date with Mel Gibson? Nope, this is far more serious. Sandy has a stalker.

This past Monday, Sandra obtained a restraining order against Thomas James Weldon from the Los Angeles court. He has been stalking her since 2003 (a year after 2 Weeks Notice and Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood). She had taken out an order against him seven years ago, but it expired.

Thomas had entered a mental institution of his own volition by wound up at a hospital in Wyoming last month complaining of anxiety and sleeplessness. Frightening for someone who is unbalanced, but even more scary since Sandra lived nearby the facility.

During his stay there he mentioned to staff that he wanted to visit Sandra and had been talking to her telepathically. Oh, and he was off his meds.

In recent years, he has continued to email and fax the new mom. A hearing will be held on August 6, but with psychos like that around, a court order will do little to stop them. It’s one thing to be in danger and it’s another when you also have a child who is at risk. f I were Sandra, I would up my security and fast.


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