Sandra Bullock Holds Off On Divorce For Jesse James' Kids


Jesse James tied Tiger Woods in number of cheating escapades (15!) and really out did himself by adding in some Nazi flavor. Almost everyone, or really everyone except for maybe Jesse, is on Team Sandra and calling for her to divorce him. And she should because he is clearly a scumbag and yet, Sandra is taking her time.


She’s super close with Jesse’s kids Sunny, 6, Chandler, 15,  and son Jesse Jr., 12, and wants to make sure everything will work out for them. As if you had any doubt the Oscar winner is one classy lady.

Sandra “refuses to budge or give into people who say she should divorce him immediately,” a source tells  The reason she is waiting is “the stress of knowing his three children will be hurt no matter what happens. The kids are what is holding her back from filing the divorce immediately.”

The kids have been living with Sandra while Jesse is in rehab.  “It’s been tough and she wants to find a balance for them.  They deserve some stability.  Jesse and his children are her family and in some ways always will be. She is not ready to scrap it all as fast as possible.”

We hope everything works out for them.