Sandra Bullock: "I'll Take Down Meryl Streep..."


sandra-bullock-blind-side-1Sitting down with Tavis Smiley in an interview airing tonight, Sandra Bullock shared her candid thoughts about racism, a mother’s love and how she plans to “take down Meryl Streep” when she steps up to claim her Golden Globe for best actress on Sunday.   Obviously joking (unlike Sharon Stone with Meryl),  Sandra made the remark  as a means to deflect all the attention heaped upon her this season including her two Golden Globe nods,  making history with the  first female-centric film  to cross $200 million in domestic box office and being named 09’s top star by U.S. movie theater owners.

In addition to teasing her fellow actress-nominee,  Sandra turned serious when Tavis asked her to address the the negative comments and purported racism in The Blindside and what her thoughts were on playing yet “another rich white woman saving a poor black kid.”

In a very genuine response, Sandra replied  “I didn’t see this as a black and white issue.  I really didn’t.  As Leigh Ann (the woman she portrays) said, ‘It’s a story about a mom looking at the child who is cold.'”

She then turned the table and asked Smiley why he thought people had to play the racism card, when the movie obviously touched upon so many other important issues. “It’s not just a movie about race,” she said, “It’s about trust and community and whether or not we would take in our neighbor if they needed it.  It’s really all about loving your children and loving your fellow man.  Why are people so quick to question love?”

To hear how Tavis replied, you can watch the interview tonight on PBS.

For a sneak preview, watch a clip of the video here.

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