Sandra Bullock Is Playing Her Best Academy Awards Role Ever, MOM! (Photos)


Sandra Bullock is playing her best Academy Awards Role ever, MOM!  I don’t think as an actress Sandra Bullock ever thought something would be as rearding as being mom, but it looks like daily she has it down as she drops her son off to and from pre-school! I definetly there should be the celebrity mom awards!

  • Sandra Bullock 1 of 9
    Sandra Bullock
    Sandra Bullock, carrying a tote bag from her Texas-owned delicatessen/bakery Walton's Fancy & Stape.
  • The Outfit! 2 of 9
    The Outfit!
    It looks like Sandra is in her workout clothes and makes me feel a little more justified with my daily choices!
  • Friends! 3 of 9
    Sandra is super excited to see a friend with open arms!
  • Happy! 4 of 9
    It must mean that she really is very enthusiastic to see the other mom!
  • Hear It? 5 of 9
    Hear It?
    I can hear her now! You want to see me... You want to talk to me...
  • HA! 6 of 9
    You want to hug me, you want to laugh with me!
  • Shoes! 7 of 9
    Those are some very, very nice, bright orange shoes that she has on!
  • Kisses! 8 of 9
    Bye! Time to go my friend!!
  • Adios! 9 of 9
    Time to go so till I see you again!! xoxoox

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )
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