Sandra Bullock, Jesse James: Liquidating Real Estate


Today the Jesse James—Sandra Bullock divorce started to look refreshingly like many smaller-scale, non-Hollywood splits. As in: it’s all about the real estate. First, an “Available” sign was hung outside James’s office space. And now, news breaks that the couple’s shared Calif. beachfront residence is on the market. Details and price, below.

James owned the home himself before marrying Bullock, though is appears that both are now listed as owners. The house is 3,600 square feet, with four bedrooms, three bathrooms. It’s offered for a modest (for Hollwood! Not for the rest of us) price of just under $6 million. 

I’d already read all of the headlines and seen the photos, but somehow the real estate listings  make the split feel shockingly real. And final. And with that, I silently mourn the couple (and family) that could have been—if only Jesse James didn’t have a thing for tattoo models.

PHOTO: Pacific Coast News

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