Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds Not Dating: Bullock Calls Reynolds "Amazing Friend" (Video)

sandra bullock ryan reynolds dating rumors not true
Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds dating rumors not true

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds dating rumors have been swirling, but Bullock says there’s no truth to the gossip.

Straight from Sandra Bullock’s mouth on the Golden Globes red carpet (video): “He’s not my lover. He’s just an amazing friend I’ve had for 10 years and I hope there’s more friendship like that.”

Bullock added that her son, Louis, is “the only man in my life.”

Sandra Bullock said she’s keeping up while away from her son with technology… being at the Golden Globes was her first time away from the little guy!

Next up for Bullock, she’s working on a film with Tom Hanks.