Sandra Bullock to Husband: No Tats On Your Privates


sandra-bullock-blindsideSandra Bullock has banned husband Jesse James from getting any more tattoos insisting that she wants certain parts of his body to remain tat-free. Seeing as James is already heavily tattooed on his arms, legs, torso, neck and even the palms of his hands you can guess what those ‘certain parts’ are. Go ahead – guess.

And in case there was any question, Bullock let James know exactly which areas were off limits. “I took a pen and marked out where he couldn’t get tattoos. I went, ‘This is mine’,” the Blindside actress said. Ouch – hope she didn’t use a ball point.

Speaking of tattoos in strange places, James is involved in a contentious custody battle with his ex-wife, adult film star Janine Lindemulder over their daughter, Sunny.