Sandra Bullock Today Show: Talks Adoption, Privacy (Video)


Sandra Bullock Today show interview, with Matt LauerWatch Sandra Bullock’s Today show interview in the video clip below, where she talks with Matt Lauer about her work to raise funds for a school in New Orleans and the new man in her life Louis.

Matt Lauer opens the interview by commenting that it’s been the “best of times and the worst of times” for Bullock this year.

Sandra Bullock has a new purpose though, both in her efforts to help a school in New Orleans, and in being a new mom to adopted son Louis.

Bullock has worked to raise funds for the Warren Easton Charter School, which suffered more than $4 million in damages during Hurricane Katrina. You can tell she’s really passionate about the project.

Sandra’s connection to New Orleans inspired her to help out the city in any way she could. Her connection was further strengthened by her son being from New Orleans (Bullock calls him her “Cajun cookie” and says he’s “extraordinary”).

Sandra Bullock comments during the Today show interview that “everything works out the way the universe wants it to work out,” which may apply to the bigger picture of her life and her recent divorce from Jesse James.

Through all the ups and downs, Sandra Bullock has been a strong and confident woman, and gives a lot of credit to her friends and family who have “massive amounts of integrity.”

What did you think of Sandra’s Today show interview? Were you hoping she’d dish more on her cheating husband? Bullock always seems to take the high road, and I think that’s one of the reasons she continues to be America’s Sweetheart.