Sandra Bullock's Stepdaughter Is Her Stylist


sandra-bullock-onstage-during-the-82nd-annual-academy-awards11For a woman who’s been nominated for Best Actress (and subsequently won), choosing a gown to wear at the Oscars is not the kind of decision you take lightly. As you might expect, Sandra brought in a stylist to help her select the perfect Oscar attire — her oldest stepdaughter.

That’s right, for this all-important decision, out of all of the fashion gurus Sandra could call, she leaned on the advice of a tweenage fashionista.

On the day after the Oscars, Sandra can kick back and relax, knowing that not only did she take home a statue, she’s also one of the lucky ones who made the “best dressed” lists. While she thanks her mommy for the first victory, it’s her she can thank her stepdaughter for the latter.

When asked how she picked her Marchesa gown, Sandra said:

“Somebody helped me decide my oldest stepdaughter. It was her favorite.”

As for which award she values the most, her Razzie for “worst actress” or her Oscar for “best actress:”

“They’ll sit side by side in a nice little shelf somewhere…” she joked backstage. “The Razzie maybe on a different shelf, lower.”


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