Santa Norad Tracker 2010: Santa In Cabo San Lucas!


noradsantaThe Santa Norad Tracker 2010 says Santa has hit Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. To answer the question, “Where is Santa Claus right now?”, as of 12:53pm ET Santa is in Cabo San Lucas Mexico!

The Norad Santa Tracker 2010 has been tracking Santa’s journey tonight! Santa has been delivering toys to all of the good boys and girls around the world.   Track Santa on Google Earth and find out where Santa and the eight tiny reindeer are in the world at the Norad Santa Tracker 2010 official site.

The Norad Santa tracker tradition started in 1955. A Colorado Springs child called the number for the Continental Air Defense Command Operations Center, which was Norad’s predecessor, asking “Where is Santa Claus?”. After that phone call the Norad Santa Tracker tradition began.

The Norad Santa tracker moved to the web in 1998 and you can check out the

Are you tracking Santa Claus with the Norad Santa Tracker tonight with your kids?