Santa Norad Tracker 2010: When Will Santa Be At My House, Watch Santa in the U.S.! (Video)

norad santa tracker united states watch video
Watch video of Santa Claus from NORAD Santa Tracker 2010

The Santa NORAD Tracker 2010 showed that Santa landed in the United States not long ago… but where is Santa right now?

The official Santa NORAD tracking website showed Santa entering the U.S. in Florida, beginning his travels around the United States and Canada right now to deliver presents!

Did you catch a glimpse of Santa over your house?

Watch Santa flying over Florida in the video below or check out more at the NORAD Santa tracker site.

Santa moved quickly, so answering the question of “where is Santa Claus right now” has been a fun adventure to keep up with.

Did you and your family take part in the Santa tracking this year?

When will Santa be at my house? The excitement for people in the United States is building as Santa flies around the country!