Santa Norad Tracker 2010: Where is Santa Right Now 2010?

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Santa NORAD Tracker 2010: Where is Santa Right Now?

The Santa NORAD tracker 2010 is in full swing, but where is Santa right now?

If you’re looking to locate Santa, to find out where he is right now and when he’ll be close to your house the Santa NORAD tracker 2010 has you covered with his latest location.

With the use of Google Earth, tracking Santa is super easy and fun!

Finding out where Santa is right now is easier than ever with NORAD’s Santa Tracker online, plus you can watch Santa’s route on a mobile phone, or follow along with real time updates on Twitter and Facebook.

Google’s search for “NORAD tracks Santa” will also keep you in the loop on all the latest Santa sightings.

So, there’s no shortage of ways to track Santa and answer the question, “Where is Santa right now?”