Sarah Jessica Parker Advises Parents To Focus On Romance


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Sarah Jessica Parker looks stunning at the premiere of 'Wu Xia."

Sarah Jessica Parker may give a lot of love advice in her hit TV/film series Sex and the City, but it’s not too often that she gives the same in her personal life. But, Parker is opening up about holding on to that romance even when children are in the picture.

“Kids can really distract you from your relationship,” she says. “Maybe in good ways and bad ways. It’s important to have all eyes on all parts of the relationship.”

“It’s something you really have to pay attention to. But you figure it out.”

And in Sarah’s household, no one is taken advatage of. “He [Matthew Broderick] does lots in the house. He shops for me a lot and he cooks for all of us. There are a lot of things he does better than I do, so it balances itself out. I don’t feel taken advantage of. We take care of each other.”

What do you think of Sarah’s advice?

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