Sarah Jessica Parker's Son Is Gaga for Lady GaGa


Looks like the Lady GaGa craze is sweeping the Parker-Broderick household.

While Sarah Jessica Parker was an early fan (she claims to have discovered GaGa over a year ago and been wild about her music ever since) her seven-year-old son, James Wilkie Broderick, is also into the pop star’s music–and even sang “Bad Romance” in a talent show, according to Showbiz Spy.

While James Wilkie is working on his hipster bona fides, no word yet on whether ten-month old twins Tabitha and Marion have expressed a preference for the GaGa. If their household is anything like mine, chances are they are bopping along with their older brother. (More of James Wilkie Broderick after the jump.)

What do you think? Is Lady Ga Ga a good music choice for an elementary schooler? Or should Sarah Jessica set James Wilkie’s playlist to more family friendly fare?

Source: Showbiz Spy/Photos: