Sarah Jessica Parker Braves the NYC Rain With Her Twins! (Photos)

sarah jessica parker
Sarah Jessica Parker, her twins, & a nanny in NYC.

Last weekend we had record high temperatures in the northeast, but this week, the fall weather has definitely returned. Some unwelcome fall showers have come along with the cooler temps, and in many places, it is raining cats and dogs today.

Sarah Jessica Parker either didn’t hear the weather report before leaving the house today, or she chose to just take a chance and hope for the best! She was seen in New York City braving the rainy day with her twins, Marion and Tabitha, and a nanny.

Even in her casual attire & sunglasses, and with her hair pulled back, SJP was still spotted by the paparazzi.

Here are a few more photos of Sarah and her girls trying to stay dry today!


  • Braving the Elements! 1 of 4
    Braving the Elements!
    No umbrellas for Sarah and her girls!
  • Casual Fridays? 2 of 4
    Casual Fridays?
    SJP looks pretty much like every other busy mom!
  • In a Hurry… 3 of 4
    In a Hurry...
    Sarah looks like she's running for cover!
  • Cute Nanny! 4 of 4
    Cute Nanny!
    That nanny is pretty cute...and young. She would intimidate most moms, but not SJP!