Sarah Jessica Parker Drives Minivan!


Last night on Nightline, Sarah Jessica Parker revealed a deep, dark secret to Katie Couric…she drives a minivan! Okay, it wasn’t a deep, dark secret.  But it was pretty shocking. I mean, Carrie Bradshaw cruising the streets of New York in a Honda Odyssey? SJP did admit that she hestitated before she leased the van (you understand why she didn’t want to commit to a minivan, right?). But now that she’s had a chance to experience the minivan, she tells everyone, “Respect the van!” Really? Really.  The minivan makes SJP so happy, she confessed to Katie, “So I sing all day long as I’m driving my minivan, dropping kids off.”

Wait, she’s dropping her kids off? (Parker is the mom to James, 8, and twins Marion and Tabitha, 3).  That’s right.  And Parker, promoting her new film “I Don’t KNow How She Does It,” is revealing more mommy secrets as well.

SJP told Katie that we all learn from other parents, and that we are all “slightly envious,” of each other all the time.  She explains her theory:  if we are at home, we are jealous of the mom who’s working.  If we’re working, we’re jealous of the mom who stays home.  SJP even admitted to feeling jealous one day when she saw some moms hanging out after school drop-off, because she had to get straight to work. It’s all part of motherhood in the year 2011.  But if you want to make the job easier, you guessed it, get a minivan.  She’s not a paid spokesperson but she sure sounds like one, saying, “I’m telling you it’s the most wonderful car!”

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News