Sarah Jessica Parker Forgets It's May, Dresses For Winter! (Photos)

sarah jessica parker
Sarah Jessica Parker on May 1.

Did Sarah Jessica Parker not get the memo that it’s now May 1?

Parker was spotted leaving her New York City apartment this morning, wearing an wool winter hat, rain boots, and a dark jacket.

We understand that Parker likes to go incognito in the NYC to hide her identity, but we think a baseball cap would have sufficed! Let’s hope Sarah ditched the hat and rain boots later in the day as the sun is shining brightly on the East Coast!

Take a look at Sarah’s ironic outfit below.

  • Bundled Up 1 of 5
    Bundled Up
    Actress Sarah Jessica Parker bundles up as she heads out of the house in New York wearing a beanie and a jacket.
  • Ironic Clothing 2 of 5
    Ironic Clothing
    Did Sarah forget it's May 1? This look like a winter hat to me!
  • Slight Smile 3 of 5
    Slight Smile
    Sarah gave a slight smile to the paparazzi as she went on her way.
  • Sunglasses 4 of 5
    Sarah wore a pair of sunglasses to shield others from recognizing her.
  • Black Attire 5 of 5
    Black Attire
    Sarah tends to wear a lot of black when going out in New York City.

[Photos via Pacific Coast News.]

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